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Little did I know that meeting Tini for a mentoring shoot with Jenn in Vienna last summer would leave such an imprint on my soul. We share a similar scar from working among the dying during the hightimes of the pandemic. Experienced and wittnessed pain so deep for our soft, caring hearts that it required us to retreat from hospital work in order to survive. It is a difficult and courageous decision to leave everything you know and have identified with behind. But saying no means honoring your own bounderies which is ultimately a clear yes to yourself. And Tini has continued in saying yes to herself on each and every level. Not only to her tender heart but also to her tender body. To softness inside and out. Realising that this softness has never been a flaw but really her greatest strength all along.

Thank you for sharing your laughter and your story with me,

and for the beautiful light you shine.


When a woman finally learns that pleasing the world is impossible, she becomes free to learn how to please herself. - Glennon Doyle

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